A complete range of more than 3000 fragrances

One-stop flavor purchasing


  • 1. Assist customers in market analysis, product planning and free packaging design.
  • 2. Consultation on raw materials, packaging and manufacturing technology.
  • 3. Semi-finished products, finished product inspection, packaging inspection and acceptance.
  • 4. Semi-finished and finished products processing.
  • 5. Warehousing and freight management services.
  • 6. Provide quality inspection, health inspection agency services.
  • 7. Provide customers with factory office space and accommodation.


Advantages of OEM/ODM:

1.Cost saving: OEM can outsource the production process to professional processing factories or suppliers, thus avoiding the cost of setting up your own production facilities and teams. This can significantly reduce a company's operating and production costs.

2.Improve efficiency: OEM allows enterprises to focus on their core business and hand over non-core processing links to professional processing factories. In this way, enterprises can use resources more efficiently and increase production efficiency and capacity.

3.Flexibility and fast delivery: OEM can make production adjustments according to the flexibility of customer needs and market changes, so as to deliver products faster. Outsourcing to professional suppliers can also avoid delivery delays caused by insufficient production capacity.

4.Professional skills and knowledge: OEM is usually done by professional processing factories or suppliers, who have rich experience and professional knowledge. By cooperating with them, enterprises can obtain better product quality and technical support.

5.Expand the market and reduce risks: OEM can help enterprises expand the market, because OEM manufacturers usually have a broader sales network and channels. In addition, OEM can also reduce the risk taken by enterprises, because suppliers usually bear part of the production and quality risks.

6.Time Saving

Through OEM OEM, enterprises can save their own time and cost in establishing and maintaining production facilities, recruiting and training employees, etc. This allows companies to concentrate on developing their core business.