Salon incense and commercial incense


Commercial fragrance is a perfume created for the purpose of marketing in the face of the general market in order to meet the taste of the public, the acceptance is very high. It is especially dominated by some luxury brands of perfumes. Salon fragrance was first created by some perfume workshops to help noblemen or guests design a perfume specifically for a certain occasion, they do not pursue the appearance and public acceptance, they only pursue personality and distinctive, very niche, but now many salon fragrances are becoming more and more commercialized which is most obvious with Zumalonia. But regardless of salon incense or commercial incense, as long as you like that is a good fragrance

Perfume shelf life


Many people have asked the shelf life of perfume, but, little heads are well remembered! The so-called shelf life is only the domestic must ask them to add it, about the perfume, we should know that his ingredients are fragrances, alcohol and fragrance fixing agent, especially alcohol is mostly about eight percent + more are alcohol, people say on the longer you put the more sweet, perfume will not be more sweet, but also definitely not expire! As long as it is well preserved, avoid high temperatures on the good.

The approximate length of time a bottle of high quality perfume lasts


Generally speaking, the high concentration of EDP can last 4-5 hours, and lighter ones can last 3-4 hours. If sprayed on clothes, the duration will be much longer, but the diffusion will become much worse. So, to make the perfume effective, ** or to spray directly on the skin.

Do you know perfume?


Modern young people are paying more and more attention to perfume, perfume has become a necessity of life, dating, parties, office, daily life spray perfume has become a common sense.

How to use perfume (learn how to properly spray perfume)


Perfume as a very intimate item, not only can set off a charming temperament and taste, but also in the first time to deepen the impression of others for themselves. So whether you are a sophisticated piggy boy or not, a perfume that suits your temperament can help you easily win goodwill when socializing~

Perfume for a girl is an essential existence of a woman spray perfume precautions what to do


Perfume for a girl is an essential presence, whether it is the steadiness of a mature woman or the vitality of a young girl, they all need a bottle of perfume to spice things up. With perfume can make you become more sophisticated with a "taste" some. Spray perfume is really important, but there are often a lot of spray perfume this action to do wrong.

Women must know the skills of spraying perfume - how to make the fragrance maintain all day!


Spray perfume has become a woman's daily habit, then do you know how to spray perfume to maintain the whole day? Like to make yourself all the time aroma charming you, quick to spray perfume trick to learn it!

Spray perfume before doing more than one action, the fragrance more lasting


Perfume is an indispensable thing for delicate girls, a fresh and unique fragrance can show their femininity, but many perfumes do not spray for a long time without fragrance, how to make the fragrance last? If you want the fragrance of perfume to last longer, then do not store perfume in the bathroom or other humid, high-temperature places. This is because the temperature, light and humidity can ruin the fragrance of the perfume and make it evaporate. If you want, you can use a beautiful white porcelain cake holder table to place the perfume, it is simply beautiful.

Choosing the right perfume for different occasions


Work A lightly scented perfume is best for the 9 to 5 office. This way you won't be too inviting to your colleagues' noses or even give them a headache by being in a relatively confined space. To make other colleagues feel that you make people happy mood. Of course, it's also a good idea to carry a bottle in your suitcase for business travel occasions.

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