Perfume for a girl is an essential existence of a woman spray perfume precautions what to do

Perfume for a girl is an essential presence, whether it is the steadiness of a mature woman or the vitality of a young girl, they all need a bottle of perfume to spice things up. With perfume can make you become more sophisticated with a "taste" some. Spray perfume is really important, but there are often a lot of spray perfume this action to do wrong.

Often choose something they think they can spray on immediately make their own fragrant place, but in fact, spray perfume is a skill, not just spray on it can be. Once sprayed wrong even if you buy more expensive perfume will make it become very cheap feeling. So ah, when spraying perfume try not to make these 3 mistakes, not only the taste does not last right focus is also smells bad!

Mistake one: spray directly behind the ear

Directly sprayed in the ear seems to be a lot of girls will choose a method of spraying perfume, and on the hot mom camp network I found that many of the film bloggers inside is also a regular direct spray perfume in the location behind the ear, think this will make the fragrance more lasting some. But the point is actually this direct spray perfume action will be more elegant some, in fact, is not able to make the perfume retention time more lasting.

And with this method of spraying perfume in fact still has certain limitations, directly sprayed behind the ears, more or less sprayed to your ears inside some, your ears have a certain harm, and if the control is not good, it is likely to have your ears caused some damage, that can not be said to only stay fragrance whether the lasting taste good reason it. In fact, the back of the ear is going to secrete oil, after you sweat.

Imagine, after you sweat, the oil secreted behind the ears smell very bad, plus you deliberately spray perfume, fragrance and grease smell mixed together, that is too bad smell it. So the best way to spray perfume at all is not to spray directly, but to spray the perfume in the wrist position, so that after the point of application to the back of the ear, which will also make your perfume stay more lasting and smell good, the taste will not spread at will.

Mistake two: directly sprayed on the top of the head

In addition to spraying directly behind the ears, there is a very "powerful" spray perfume error method is the direct perfume sprayed on top of the head. The hot mom camp network that people with this spraying skills, probably because their original purpose is actually just to make their own body is fragrant, so they want to let the perfume by their own head naturally scattered, and then scattered on their own body, their whole body will be fragrant, will be covered with the scent of perfume.

The ideal is certainly beautiful, this approach is simply no way to make the perfume naturally scattered on your body, will only leave a part of the fragrance on top of your head, and this method of spraying directly on top of the head, really only let your fragrance only exist in the top of the head. If you want the picture you imagine, so that the fragrance is very evenly distributed, it is simply impossible, more can only stay on the top of the head.

The point is that as soon as we sweat, we all know that the first sweat must be the top of the head, the top of the head a sweat secretion oil, the smell will be very bad, we live inside the so-called "head oil" taste is not so, if coupled with the smell of perfume sprayed, "stinky stinky" said it should be this scene, the picture is simply not too beautiful! The correct way to want to have a scent of the whole body is to spray perfume into the air, so that after you have not fallen before the perfume, the location of the perfume in the spray rotate a little, so that your body is naturally tainted with the smell of perfume, a light perfume smell, good smell and lasting.

Mistake three: directly sprayed in the armpits

Spray perfume misconceptions

The role of perfume is to make you more attractive, the smell is fragrant, its role is not to let you go to cover a part of the bad smell, and directly sprayed in the armpits, then it will not let the smell of perfume out, clothes and what will affect the scent of The scent will be affected by clothes and other things.

It is really not a particularly good method to spray directly in the armpit, as opposed to the first two taste problems, this is not only the taste will not last, there is a part because the armpit it is, after all, a more private location of our body, the distribution will have a lot of lymph nodes, if coupled with the quality of perfume is not particularly good, it is easy to affect your physical health is not only The taste is so simple.


Try not to spray perfume directly on your armpits, no matter what your purpose is. If only to cover part of the illegal words can be used to refresh the body can, after all, perfume will have a part of the fragrance extract, how much there will be a part of the unsafe factors in order to avoid other effects on the better not to spray directly underarm.

The purpose of our spray perfume is to make us more sophisticated, but if you do not spray the right words will only be counterproductive, so if you want to have their own fragrance, spray perfume is required to have certain skills.

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Salon incense and commercial incense

Commercial fragrance is a perfume created for the purpose of marketing in the face of the general market in order to meet the taste of the public, the acceptance is very high. It is especially dominated by some luxury brands of perfumes. Salon fragrance was first created by some perfume workshops to help noblemen or guests design a perfume specifically for a certain occasion, they do not pursue the appearance and public acceptance, they only pursue personality and distinctive, very niche, but now many salon fragrances are becoming more and more commercialized which is most obvious with Zumalonia. But regardless of salon incense or commercial incense, as long as you like that is a good fragrance

Perfume shelf life

Many people have asked the shelf life of perfume, but, little heads are well remembered! The so-called shelf life is only the domestic must ask them to add it, about the perfume, we should know that his ingredients are fragrances, alcohol and fragrance fixing agent, especially alcohol is mostly about eight percent + more are alcohol, people say on the longer you put the more sweet, perfume will not be more sweet, but also definitely not expire! As long as it is well preserved, avoid high temperatures on the good.

The approximate length of time a bottle of high quality perfume lasts

Generally speaking, the high concentration of EDP can last 4-5 hours, and lighter ones can last 3-4 hours. If sprayed on clothes, the duration will be much longer, but the diffusion will become much worse. So, to make the perfume effective, ** or to spray directly on the skin.

Do you know perfume?

Modern young people are paying more and more attention to perfume, perfume has become a necessity of life, dating, parties, office, daily life spray perfume has become a common sense.